What I do with most of my free time is write. So, naturally, there are a number of places where you might expect to find words enscribed by yours truly. In particular I have a number of blogs which I attempt to update regularly, and a novel which is taking up a lot of my writing hours. But rather than take up your time blathering about them, I thought I'd give you some links to keep you busy.

The Unity Chronicles, a creative storytelling endeavour set in a spacefaring future. This is my biggest current project, and as such it has its own mini-site here with all the relevant informational junk.
The Maker's Mark: Remnants, a surreal mechanical anthology of short stories which contains my first published work.
Bacchus, Bragi & Thor, a review blog chronicling my forays through the world of music.
A Sceptical I, a blog in which I cast my sceptical eye on various topics.