Welcome, dear interweb traveller, to my own personal corner of the ether. So what can you expect to find here? And what on Earth is a skeptophile?

Well answering the latter question could suggest answers to the first. A skeptophile, in my definition, is a lover of doubt - one who appreciates the value and power of free inquiry and informed debate. When things are held to be beyond doubt, discussion is restricted and progress is held back.

Here, you will find a great variety of things. First and foremost, it is a hub for my writings. Primary of those is my blog, A Sceptical I. For my other wordy adventurings, hit the Writings link right at the top there.

Secondly, I would like this site to act as a hub for anybody interested in investigating the phenomenon of skepticism and freethought more widely, particularly from a previously-uninformed perspective.